iPS is one stop centers providing most innovative pipeline, pipeline design, subsea engineering and project management, with experienced resources. We are enjoying moving forward together with the new technology and save the earth concept.

We provide a wide range of services from pipeline engineering, FEA, project management to installation. We provide customized solution to our customers.

"iPS recognises that there's no typical project and there's no single strategy, design, and/or organization that will give success every time."

Engineering & Technical Service

We specialize in designing all aspects of oil & gas pipelines, gas utilities, and storage and production facilities. With first-hand operating experience, our team provides services including facilities design, project management, program management, geospatial solutions, and inspection & commissioning services

Our team of engineers produces innovative solutions which can save time and considerable sums of money for clients. Our engineering services are available worldwide through our engineering technical support team.

Supply Chain and Quality Assurance

iPS ensures that our supply chain and quality system are based on ISO 9001 principles, and emphasizes customer focus, associate involvement, and continual improvement. 

When we say quality, that mean no errors in delivers, low product damage, on-time orders, high productivity, alignment with customer requirements, and full regulatory compliance.

We implement our Quality Management System, which provides clear direction for client’s workforce. 

Project & Risk Management

iPS ensures that the Project management is under control and Risk management is kept to a minimal by a systematic process of identifying, analyzing and responding to project risk. Our basis of the systematic process is follow by five-stage model as below

  1. Risk identification
  2. Qualitative risk analysis
  3. Quantitative risk assessment
  4. Risk response planning
  5. Risk monitoring and control

Installation & Operability

iPS has strong knowledge in conventional to advance pipeline installation and provide man power support for all kind of pipeline installation.

iPS ensure the pipeline integrity is streamlined from design up to operation.